Our organization

Key factors of our success are based on our work team and on always improving the quality of the service we offer.

Since 1994, our primary aim has been to provide our customers with a reliable service and with an excellent level of competition throughout our network of full transportation all over the world.

With our services we try:
  • To offer competitive prices and access to main markets of the world.
  • To search and provide efficient and effective solutions to our customers.
  • To develop strategic alliances with our suppliers, allowing us to provide high quality services.
  • To focus on satisfaction of our customers, meeting their demands and trying to understand their business.
Based on the above, we define our attitude with our slogan “being part of the solution”.

We have import, export and transit services to and from the main markets of the world, with direct calls in the port of Montevideo and also connections, and we also offer logistic services associated with maritime transportation.