Schandy Group

Global is a company which belongs to SCHANDY, an organization with a strong tradition in the sea and in the industry of Shipping which started as early as XVII century in the small town of Risör, southern Norway.

In Uruguay, the entrepreneurial tradition was founded by T.J.Schandy who started activities as maritime agent on April 1st, 1948. Nowadays, SCHANDY is a dynamic Uruguayan corporate group, of family property and professional management, always growing and developing itself. For more than six decades it has diversified its maritime, port and logistical operations, and it has become internationalized in other countries of the region. The company is currently chaired by John Christian Schandy, third generation of the family in Uruguay.

Its partnership with ULTRAMAR, one of main business groups of Latin America, added experience and multiplied investment power in innovations and development.