Strategic alliances

Schandy Services Center

The Schandy shared services centre produces all the cargo dcumentation, handles collection and payments as well as cargo releases.

Schandy Services Center – Rincón 500, level 1. Montevideo, Uruguay.
Tel. (598) 29170077
Fax. (598) 29168738



Main operator of public areas of the Port of Montevideo, both for general and project cargo.

We trust Montecon with the operation of our vessels, apart from offering container terminal services and cold supply station for containers with perishable cargo and controlled temperature.

Montecon - Rincón 500 level 2. Montevideo, Uruguay.
Tel. (598) 29150404
Fax. (598) 29158656


Schandy terminal of empty containers (STV)

STV is located 11 kilometres from the port of Montevideo and provides container depot services as well as multiple logistics services.

It handles maintenance, repair and inspection of our containers.

STV – Cno. Tomkinson 3500.
Tel. (598) 29083999