Implementación del NBF (New Bunker Factor)

 En vista de las IMO 2020 regulations, Zim estará aplicando un nuevo bunker -New Bunker Factor (NBF)- que reemplazará el antiguo EBS/BAF. 

Detallamos el listado con las tarifas de NBF para cada servicio.

Fecha de implementación: a partir del 15 de Febrero de 2019.

Trade NBF / Teu Reefer
Mediterranean (East & West) to  South America $115/TEU
South America to Mediterranean (East & West) $133/TEU $199/TEU
Asia to South America $226/TEU $339/TEU
South America to Asia $142/TEU $212/TEU
South America to North America & Central America & Caribbean $278/TEU $417/TEU
North America & Central America & Caribbean to South America $161/TEU $241/TEU
Intra South America (Mercusol) $55/TEU $82/TEU
North America to/from Central America & Caribbean $113/TEU $169/TEU
Intra Central America & Caribbean $113/TEU $169/TEU

  • Above charges are additional to the applicable base freight charge, THC, bunker, security and PSS related charges which are provided in ZIM's Tariff Calculator(U.S. trades are provided in User: ZfreA6 Password: Access16!) as well as other charges for additional services, local charges and contingency charges.
  • For further details kindly see our website or contact our local sales/customer service representative.
For details regarding specific agreements, other commodities and other cargo types, such as reefer cargo, please approach our local office.
Our customer service team is at your disposal for any inquiry. 
ZIM Integrated Shipping
(**) The New Bunker Factor will replace all existing bunker charges, except bunker charges related to specific emission control areas (ECAs) as defined by IMO, EU, or other Governmental authorities.
(***) These rates are unaffected by, and do not affect, any tariff notified, published or filed in accordance with local regulatory requirements. For trades subject to the US Shipping Act or the China Maritime Regulations, application is subject to the publication and effective date requirements of those statutes / regulations.  Quotations or mitigation of published surcharges that vary from ZIM’s tariff shall not be binding unless included in a service contract or amendment that has been filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (“FMC”) or the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, as applicable.
(****) Russian trades are excluded. For details regarding freight and charges for Russian trades please contact the local sales/customer representative.